Ten Reasons to Join CTMH

I had been a CTMH consultant from 1996-2004, but after 4 military moves in 5 years and, at the time, no online resources, I just had to let it go.  But, I missed it A LOT!  Fast forward to 2013.  My hubby deployed in May and my only child left for college in August.  I was teaching middle school and it was keeping me busy, but I really wasn’t having any fun.  I Skyped my husband in November and told him that wanted to go back to CTMH and, since he was 10,000 miles away, he couldn’t stop me!  LOL (not that he would have; he’s always been super supportive!).  So, I rejoined in December 2013.

Here are my top ten reasons why I think being a CTMH consultant is the BEST:

10. The Discount

Who doesn’t love a good discount?  I keep my Amazon app open on my phone all the time when I’m shopping so I can quickly check to see who has the better price!

Every consultant gets an instant 22% discount on all product orders (excluding s&h/tax).  So, if you order $100 in CTMH products, you only pay $78 (plus s&h/tax) to CTMH! Cool!

9.  Free Products and More Cash

Each month, you have the ability to earn additional commissions and Select Product Credit (SPC!)  The more you sell, the more you earn.  Simple, right?

The best part of all is that YOU get to decide where you want to go with CTMH—you can just purchase your own crafting supplies at a discount or you can start a business.  The choice is yours!

8.  Exclusive Products

For me, the products are what drew me to CTMH.  I truly love our papers, stamps, workshops, Cricut Collections, accessories, and soooo much more.  We carry some of the best products on the market, and they are available exclusively through us as Independent Consultants.

Our products are current and on trend.  CTMH continues to evolve to meet industry demands and introduce new products to market.  CTMH introduces new products every 4 months—what a great way to keep things fresh!

7.  Training

Want to learn more about stamping and papercrafting?  Check out our CMTH YouTube videos that will keep you and your customers informed about new products and techniques!  CTMH also offers online Training Courses on products, creativity, business, and more.  And to help you start out right, we have gathering projects and make-and-take ideas for every paper collection in our Idea Book and Seasonal Expressions!  You don’t have to be a creative genius, you just have to know where to look.

6.  Community

We are truly a family at Close to My Heart!  Some of my dearest and closest relationships have come through CTMH, and I am so blessed to have these wonderful women in my life.  We have a ton of consultant-only Facebook groups, Corporate bulletin boards, and Events.  You can always stay on track and get the inside scoop!

As part of the Inky Hearts Crew, you get to participate in our Team Facebook page, team meetings (live and online) and events.  As your upline, I will do my best to mentor and help you achieve your goals.  Remember, open communication is the key to success!

Our annual Convention and regional Making Connections events are only available to CTMH consultants.  Hear all about the new products, interact with the Corporate staff, and learn from other consultants who are experts in the field.  You won’t want to miss these exciting and crazy FUN events!

5.  FREE Resources

And who doesn’t love FREE???

a.  FREE Online Business Address (OBA):  Every CTMH Consultant is given an Online Business Address (OBA) where customers can shop, view the idea books, watch videos, learn about products, explore the current specials, and even join your team.  The great thing about OBAs is that CTMH maintains them, so there is no work on our part, but we enjoy all of the benefits and commissions.
b.  FREE Newsletter Service:  We are provided with professionally designed, monthly newsletters to share with our friends and customers.  The newsletter is designed by the CTMH Marketing Department and is sent automatically each month to everyone who requests it.
c.  FREE Credit Card Processing:  CTMH allows us to accept credit cards both on our website and at gatherings and we pay NO processing fees.
d.  FREE Hostess Rewards:  CTMH supplies all the free products that hostesses earn.  You do not have to spend portions of your commission money to compensate your hostess.

4.  Monthly Specials

I’m a sucker for a good deal (see #10 above!  LOL).  Every month, CTMH has something special to offer our customers.  To start with, we have our Stamp of the Month program where we offer an exclusive stamp set each month for only $5 with a qualifying purchase.  In addition, we also have Constant Campaigns that offer us NEW, EXCLUSIVE, or FREE product!  I love these Campaigns—and they are always a surprise, which makes it even more fun!  As a CTMH consultant, you get to be one of the first to get your hands on these products, weeks before our customers can purchase them!

3.  Flexibility

One of the things that I love about CTMH is that there is “no wrong way” to be a consultant.  You get to make your own decision about what type of consultant you want to be, how much you want to work, and when you want to do it.  You can choose to buy for yourself, sell to your friends, host workshops, start clubs, become a blogger, a vendor at crops—the choice is yours!  There is room for everyone with CTMH.

2.  Easy and Low-Cost Start Up

For ONLY $129 (plus s&h/tax), you will receive OVER $440 in product to launch your own business.  What a FANTASTIC DEAL!          
Your kit comes jam packed with everything you need to host your first gathering—or not, if that isn’t your thing.  Remember—this journey is yours to explore and to chart your own path.  CTMH has all the tools to offer, you just need to pick which ones fit your goals best.

Sign up is super simple and takes less than 5 minutes—it is all done online through my website.

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1.  Creative Discovery

With CTMH, your creative journey never ends.  There is always something new and exciting to try—so you can keep your creative juices flowing.  The more you learn about your own creativity, the more you learn about yourself.  I can truly say that I am happier, more creative person with CTMH in my life.  I have a retreat where I can recharge and refresh when real life gets a little crazy.  I’m touching people’s lives with what I do, and they are touching mine in return.  We all need a happy place—and Close to My Heart has filled that role in my life perfectly.

What will CTMH do for you?  I can’t wait to see!

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