Monday, June 9, 2014

Sorry I've been so quiet lately...

Things have been absolutely crazed around here over the past 5 weeks.

1.  My daughter came home from college for the summer.
2.  My beloved dog, Buster, who has been my constant companion and best friend during this year on my own, died.  I miss him every single day.

3.  My teaching job ended.
4.  On an up note, my daughter and I went on a girls' trip to San Francisco.  We had an amazing time!

5.  I was diagnosed with yet another medical condition, this one potentially much more serious than all my others combined.  I will give more details as soon as we are sure of the full extent.
6.  My husband, after 9 days of travel, finally, finally, FINALLY came home after a year in Afghanistan!!
7.  Now, we're in the midst of preparing for our move to Germany while I'm trying to get ready for the CTMH convention.  Whew.

The new CTMH catalog will be revealed at Convention in two weeks and, hopefully, by time it goes live on 1 August, I'll be all set up in Germany.

Inky Hugs!!

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