Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photo Style

You may remember that I've been taking a "Finding Your Photo Style" class on Big Picture Classes. I'll admit that it's been a struggle for me because so many of the lessons require much more obliging subjects than a stubborn dog and a cranky cat! LOL

When my daughter was home for her Spring Break, we took a day and drove down to the Outer Banks. We both took our cameras along and I took some pictures of her on the beach. One of the lessons this week is about capturing mood and feeling. I posted this picture in the gallery:

I LOVE this picture! I think it may be the first time I've captured her non-posed laughter in a picture since she was a toddler.

Almost immediately, the instructor for this week commented and suggested that cropping to change the orientation might bring us closer in and allow us to experience the joy of her laughter a bit more. Here is my "improved" picture:

What do you think?

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